I Value Loyalty

I want to love the ones that stay with me through the good and the bad…not just the good

Truly lost forever

I must admit… I still hadn’t stopped caring about her or loving her to a degree…but now she’s forgotten me and moved on to another, enjoying the things we never got the chance to do…

It shattered my world and was not unlike pulling a tumor from my brain when she left… but I suppose I’ve healed now…

I see a less restricted future now I suppose, but my vision for a life with anyone else is simply not there anymore.

Now that there isn’t a compass guiding me before…what now? I want to reach the upper echelons of academia, but I may go military first…. 

Obsession Empowered - The Beginning

Before Tesla’s journals, schematics, and lesser known inventions were sent back to Serbia, they were held in secret by the US government and kept from public eye. During that time the government gleaned what it could and undoubtedly kept the more dangerous items…

So there are now 3 destinations I need to visit and take from…



…and inside the Government…

Obsession Empowered - Selfless

I’ve been all too selfish this whole time, so concerned for myself and petty concerns with lesser peoples…

To abandon our inherent fears of mortality and embrace and control the forces and powers around us is to press forward the progress..Like Tesla.

We are the Gods of this planet and bit of space, it’s time our species takes up it’s proper role as Gods, even if we are still childish.


I am familiar with inappropriate comedy, and quite enjoy it…but this is far more grim

There was a horrific car crash in downtown near Harley’s house while we were there, smashed through a power pole and into the car behind the power pole…

It looked very much as though there was no chance of survivors…I tried to pull my friends back…hoping to not see what I expected…

Yet they stayed…

Hysterical women and people involved in the chase in shock…

Others started taking pictures ..and video, and jeering, laughing, and vocally hoping for dead bodies..

Sick fucks…

I stood there trying to pull my friends back to the house…as it’s indecent to watch this kind of thing…

still they remained..

so I did as well.

But the whole time, these onlookers were pushing me to my limit to lashing out and attacking the scum…

But I kept calm.. Sick fucks


Why must always be right about these strange people around me..

So Ken did steal my wallet and brought it back to Cody to give to me, after having claimed he didn’t have it.

Only problem now is he stole 20 dollars from it -.-. What, you think “rich boy” won’t notice?

2 face

my god i’m surrounded by terrible people. And such stupid ones at hat. A girl so dense, her bf can literally admit to cheating on her and she STILL doesn’t believe it.

I felt sorry at first, but absolute idiots like this deserve each other -.-

Stupid girl

So I’m somewhat relieved now in knowing that, unlike I was lead to believe for a slight moment, people do not change and of course all the predictions I made about him and her have happened.

He cheated on her multiple times, and then bragged about it to everyone but me, because he knows I find that disgraceful. But of course, everyone around him that he came over and bragged to, immediately told me, because he’s pissed them off in the past.

He was with a girl when he came over too, who of course got pissed and upset when he came over to my house and essentially ditched his Slut-of-the-Night.

He is fortunate to have such a stupid, unassuming girlfriend though, for him, it works out perfectly that she does the mental gymnastics to convince herself he’s not out there fucking other girls and getting blow jobs while at the exact same moment, where ever he is, he is literally doing just that.

I was fine in interacting with him though because of the alcohol, but he should make no mistake that this is my turf now, the walls have hears, and they tell everything to me.

I tested him to see how far he’d take a lie, by asking him outright while we were alone how many times he had cheated on her by now?

of course he claimed none, but he has a very strong tell that gave away the lie as he said it.

so I decided to up the stakes and ask him if he did something that I know he did for a fact, from several sources, one that was there, and all the people he told about it. He was at the beach with Tucker and his sort-of-girlfriend (purely sexual). And by the end of the night they had abandoned Tucker on the beach at Tybee, Ken drove off with Tucker’s girl, and got a blowjob from her. I don’t know about sex, but this is all I have confirmed.

So I reiterated the story omitting Tucker’s name, to see if he would deny something verified and true by witnesses and himself…He still denied it while grinning because he knew it was true.

Such a stupid girl…

God Dammit

So Ken comes over out of nowhere last night, being the social baby he is trying to show off things like the car, making nonsensical claims. And then BREAKING OUR FRIEND’S FUCKING ANKLE. not twist, I mean 90 degrees the wrong way, and that was after already knocking the poor guy unconscious by sitting on his chest too long for no logical reason…

Mother of fuck Ken.. *facepalm* …And of course now my wallet is gone -.-

True though…

I will admit…I miss my friend, she was quite a joy most of the time…

I suppose that’s why people tell you not to fall in love with your best friend, when you lose one, you lose both….

Interesting thought

If I was ever the right person at any point in time, why then did you treat me like I was the worst person at any time?